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TFrequently Asked Questions

What is proof of residency?
Submission of grade school records for six years as well as high school records for four years. These records must indicate student's address for each year.

Can I submit supporting documentation after mailing the application?
All supporting documentation must be submitted with the completed application. This includes the FASFA forms as required.

Will my application be considered if received after March 31st?
Applications and all supporting documentation must be postmarked no later than March 31st to be considered. An application with a postmark on or before March 31st will be considered. All others will not be considered as they would not have met the qualifications.

Can I fax my completed application and supporting documentation?
No! All documentation must be mailed to the post office box indicated in the application instructions.

Will my application be considered if I attend a school other than that indicated on my application?
Your application will still be considered based upon your qualifications. However, if you decide to attend a school other than that indicated on your application, it is your responsibility to notify the Board promptly. This may impact the amount awarded to you if the amount of tuition for which you are liable changes.

Will I be notified if I am not awarded a scholarship?
No. Only students awarded scholarships will be notified.

When will I be notified that I have been awarded a scholarship?
The Board will make every attempt to notify you by the first week in June. At this time the amount of the scholarship awarded will also be disclosed to you.

How do I receive the funds awarded?
The Board will make a check payable to you and the college or university you will be attending. You will be required to submit to the Board a copy of your invoice from the college or university and the payment will be mailed directly to the institution.

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